For every Coway product you have purchased or rented, Coway would provide regular door-to-door maintenance service to make sure your Coway product works at its best condition, because we believe excellent products always come with the best service.


Heart Winning Excellence
regular time service

CODY Regular Service

Based on different product service guideline, CODY would perform door-to-door filter change and product maintenance service, ranged from every 4-month to every month.

Guaranteed Full Maintenance Service

We guarantee full maintenance & repairing service for the non-human caused damages of the Coway products.

Caring Customer Service

Every call about product technical matters, product enquiries, removal of products or product model upgrade… would be taken good care by Coway CS team.

One Stop All-Rounded Service




CODY is the service team of dedicated and professional specialists, who are well-trained and ever ready for assisting customers with technical matters related to filter change and product maintenance.


For hygiene management, the dedicated tools required for the care of each customer are single-use tools

The Fresha–
Food grade sanitizer

Excellent tools image

Clean kit –
for water tank & faucet management

Water purifier visit management How is it done?

Water Purifier

Filter replacement and cleaning

Filter Replacement

Filter Replacement

Product Sanitization

Product Sanitization

water purifier check

Product Functionality Check-up

Product Functionality Check-up

Water Tank Cleaning

Water Tank Cleaning

Air purifier visit management How is it done?

Air Purifier

Filter replacement and cleaning

Filter Replacement

Detail Cleaning

Air purifier external inspection

Product Functionality Check-up

Product Cleaning

“I have been using Coway since 2009. It is convient and definitely saving so much time. Especially at the time my son was a baby, I can easily get water for the baby formula. Besides, I also use the water for my fish tank and my guppies are pretty healthy.
Coway provides excellent service. They are quick in response time. Staff are nice and helpful. I am a happy customer here.”
By Coway customer Mym Yeung
“Having clean and tasty drinking water today. Cody is so nice as friend. I like Coway’s service only 👍🏻👍🏻”
By Coway customer Mei Chang
“Technician is helpful and kind. Good service. He is professional that I can count on. “
By Coway customer Mr Lau of
The Church of Christ in China Kei San Secondary School